Where Is Your Business On The

5 Steps To Freedom?

And Which of the 21 Silver Bullets Should You Implement Right Now to Move

Your Business Toward the Freedom Step?

What You'll Learn in The Silver Bullet Academy:

1 | USP & Guarantee

  • Tired of always getting beat up on price?

  • Need more clients or customers who can afford you?

  • Ready to finally beat out your competitors?

Learn how to build a persuasive value proposition that removes risk and compels your ideal customers to do business with you, instead of your competitors, because you’re different than all the rest.

2 | Strategic Plan

  • Tired of conflict with your partners and employees

  • Lack a clear sense of direction for your business

  • Want more alignment and cooperation on your team?

Learn how to build an evolving, written plan that sets forth the vision, mission, and values of your company, long and short range goals, and KPIs to measure progress so that your team moves together as one.

3 | Revenue and Profit Budget

  • Unsure of where all your money is going?

  • Need a reliable cash flow forecast?

  • Want to lower costs and make more profit?

Learn how to build a reliable budget that forecasts discretionary cash-flow, identifies your required working capital, and demonstrates your ability to service debts and deliver a return to investors.

4 | Current Business Plan

  • Need more working capital to keep growing?

  • Lack a road map for capital expenditures?

  • Need to reinvent or restructure the business?

Learn how to create a credible, written plan, detailing a company's unique selling proposition, strategic plan, and revenue and profit budget, designed to induce financial partners to invest in the business.

5 | Break-Even Plan

  • Putting money into your own business?

  • Getting deeper and deeper into debt?

  • Need a plan to drive sales while cutting costs?

Learn how to implement an aggressive plan to stop the bleeding of cash by temporarily cutting all non-critical expenses while driving sales above break-even by selling existing inventory or service capacity to cover operating costs, debt service, and personal drawings.

6 | Tactical Marketing Plan

  • Need more lead generation channels?

  • Should your sales conversion rates be higher?

  • Want to grow revenue from existing accounts?

Learn how to build an aggressive, measurable plan to increase your leads, improve your sales conversion rates, and increase your average spends per customer per year so your profits increase exponentially.

7 | Sales Management System

  • Losing new sales and accounts to competitors

  • Sales team not performing like they should be?

  • Tired of seeing quality leads go to waste?

Learn how to implement a practical system for building a top-performing sales force by scripting their approach, managing their activity with a CRM software solution (customer relationship management), measuring their performance, and tying their paychecks to results.

8 | Team Building System

  • Communication problems wasting time and energy

  • Unresolved conflict hurting your team morale?

  • Need commitment and accountability from your team?

Learn how to implement a reliable system for placing your team members in roles best suited to their strengths and building them into a powerfully cohesive and committed team that delivers business results.

9 | Cash Gap Plan

  • Struggling to pay the bills on time?

  • Tired of poor cash flow even though you’re growing?

  • Want to take more money out of your own business?

Learn how to implement an efficient plan to quickly collect your outstanding receivables, get your customers to pay faster, and negotiate better terms with your vendors so your bank account always has plenty of cash in it.

10 | Key Performance Indicator System

  • Tired of poor quality control and repetitive mistakes?

  • Need a way to hold the team accountable for results?

  • Want more productivity in the shop or on the job site?

Learn how to build an intentional plan for investing your time wisely by blocking high-value activities into a default calendar as appointments and holding yourself accountable for executing them on time.

11 | Performance Incentive Plan

  • Tired of employees who don't care about their work

  • Need team members who do way more than required

  • Want a team that treats the business like they own it?

Learn how to build an intentional plan for investing your time wisely by blocking high-value activities into a default calendar as appointments and holding yourself accountable for executing them on time.

12 | Employee Acquisition Plan

  • Have too much work and turning down leads?

  • Struggling to recruit the best employees in your industry?

  • Need more good people to handle the growth?

Learn how to implement a practical plan to win the battle for top talent by consistently generating more than enough leads, screening out non-performers, and using a skills-based test-drive process and psychometrics to choose team members that deliver results.

About Your Instructor

Meet Richard Healey, a seasoned business coach with over 15 years of experience in helping businesses to achieve their growth potential.

Richard Healey has a proven track record of assisting companies across various industries to accelerate their growth by providing them with actionable strategies and insights. As a business coach, Richard Healey works closely with his clients to identify their unique challenges and opportunities, and then collaboratively develops customized plans to drive rapid growth.

Whether it's improving sales processes, refining marketing strategies, or optimizing operations, Richard Healey has the expertise and skills to help businesses reach new heights. With his results-driven approach and a passion for seeing his clients succeed, Richard Healey is dedicated to helping businesses achieve sustainable growth and reach their full potential.

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